Commitment to technicity


Ever since 2011, Hibernia Misiones has constantly invested in its industrial and agricultural capabilities to ensure highest production quality efficiency. Our tailor-made production focussed on specialty-sugars means Hibernia Misiones is able to consistently produce between 5,500 and 7,000 metric tons of more than 15 different types of sugar and between 1,500 and 3,000 metric tons of molasses.

We are also proud to highlight HIBERNIA MISIONES’ dedication to cogeneration with no waste products, the “bagasse” (sugar cane fiber) being used as fuel within the plant, and all of its water for the boilers being recycled.

“Green” harvesting is also part of our philosophy as we do not burn our cane before harvest.


We have standard packing in 25kgs food grade polyethylene multi-wall craft bags or 1,000 Kgs Big Bags for the sugar. Molasses can be shipped in IBC or flexitanks, all suitable for human or animal feed consumption .

Organic Sugar

The sugar products are loaded in 20’ containers directly from the end of the production line or from our on-site warehouse, to ensure maximum quality and minimize handling risks. The maximum load is  800 bags (20 tons) on pallets or 1,000 bags (25 tons) without pallets per 20´container.   1 Ton Big Bags are also available (maximum Load of 20 big bags per 20’ Container). Shipments in 40’ containers are also available, but maximum load allowed on roads usually makes this option non-viable.

The molasses stored in our tanks are shipped in 25 MT Flexitanks or Cubitanks .

The ethanol is currently only available locally.

Please feel free to contact us

If you have any specific requests in terms of packaging . Our sales and logistics’ teams will be glad to study your case.


Our on-site warehouses provide over 4,000 MT of storage capability allowing Hibernia Misiones to monitor, during crop season, the shipments preparation of the shipments in line with the planning agreed with our customers.

Security inside and outside of the plant

Based on recommendations received from certification bodies, an independant security department was created on site, separated from the quality department. 

Continued improvements in our plant are implemented to create a safe environment both for our employees and our visitors. Regular training and drills are taking place with our colleagues to understand each responsibility and rehearse critical situations should they occur.

Security is paramount for Hibernia Misiones’ operations.