1 - Where does the name HIBERNIA MISIONES come from?

The name of HIBERNIA MISIONES is the gathering of 2 concepts since the company today is proud to be both under Irish and Paraguayan governance.


Hibernia Misiones, recalls and celebrates the Irish regiment Hibernia in the Spanish Army that was sent by the Spanish Crown to purge the Portuguese Bandeirantes invaders who were enslaving the people of Misiones.



the other part of the company’s name is one of the 17 departments in Paraguay, Misiones - the region where the plant is located.


2 - When does the crop take place?

The crop of the sugar canes takes place in Paraguay once a year, usually from May to October depending on weather conditions and sugarcane maturity / availability.

3 - Is the whole production of HIBERNIA MISIONES Organic?

Yes, it has been as such since the year 2000 when the plant was certified for the first time as Organic (by the certification body CERES). Since then we have always maintained our high standards of quality both in the fields and in the plant to develop and expand our organic certifications: PARAGUAY / EU / NOP / JAS / KOREA / CHINA

4 - Where does the cane HIBERNIA MISIONES uses come from?

Most of the organic sugar cane is grown in our own fields and those of the local sugar cane producers' association, within 10 kms of the Sugar mill. We also receive sugar canes from cooperatives from the GUAIRA area.

This proximity enables processing of most of the cane immediately following harvest ensuring freshest raw materials.

5 - Does HIBERNIA MISIONES work with cooperatives?

For all our Fairtrade certified (FLO) production, HIBERNIA MISIONES buys its sugar canes from producers belonging to FLO certified cooperatives, mainly from the Guairá area.

6 - Is there an Organic Paraguayan Certification?


Yes, there is a national label which is being implemented in 2023 to promote organic national production and for the national companies to comply with the international quality standards required in those markets. HIBERNIA MISIONES is in the process of having this certification added to our certification pool to promote local sales.

7 - Is HIBERNIA MISIONES part of any national agricultural organization?

Hibernia Misiones is registered within the Paraguayan Ministry of Industry and Trade, located in Avda. Mariscal Lopez, Asunción.

The company is also part of the Paraguayan sugar and alcohol association regrouping  most of the Paraguayan ethanol and sugar Mills {”CAAP”).

El CENTRO AZUCARERRO Y ALCOHOLERO (CAAP), is a professional non-governmental organization founded on the 24th November 1942 with the aim of promoting the production and use of sugarcane in Paraguay.


8 - Do we receive periodic visits?

We receive regular visits from our customers both in our plant and in our corporate office in Asunción, and clients are welcome to schedule visits to inspect our operations at their convenience.

9 - Did HIBERNIA MISIONES change its logo?

HIBERNIA decided in 2021 to renew its corporate image, relaunching its brand on its international markets. The sugar cane remains of course the center of our line of communication and continues to appear on our logo.


2011 - 2021

Since 2021